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Kvetna Kalyke Decanter

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Kvetna Kalyke Decanter

Distinctive design with refined style. This striking glassware collection draws its inspiration from avant-garde Cubist architecture, characterized by sharp edges and clear geometry. Kvetna Kalyke Decanter has elegant curves and delicate lines that mirror the sharp angles of the cups, giving beverages a new dimension and a refreshing perspective.

Height: 210 mm. Volume: 1500 ml

Cerva Bohemia and KVETNA 1794 are running one of the oldest hand-made glass factories in the world and are dedicated to creating the world’s finest hand-blown glassware. Located in the very heart of Central Europe, their glassworks has been producing drinking and decorative glass for centuries. Inspired by leading designers across several eras, the Cerva Bohemia and KVETNA 1794 collection offers an exclusive selection of classic and modern glassware. They pride themselves in their high-quality lead-free molten glass and flawless processing, as well as their contemporary and traditional approach to design. To ensure superior quality and unique craftsmanship, they apply state-of-the-art technologies to our traditional manual glassmaking methods.

Their vision is to maintain the traditional handmade production of Czech lead-free crystals in the highest possible quality. They rely on quality glass, flawless workmanship, modern and traditional designs.  Modern technologies are used to achieve the highest possible quality and at the same time preserve the craft tradition and uniqueness of handicrafts. They also frequently cooperate with leading Czech and foreign glass artists and designers. Mutual respect for craftsmanship and extraordinary experience creates a unique symbiosis between glass masters and the artists, from which new beverage and decorative collections of timeless design are created and a clear message for future generations.

*Due to the shape of the design and being hand blown do expect a couple of bubbles about 1-2mm 


Wash gently. What does that mean? You can wash glasses without fear of them turning grey in the dishwasher, but you should always use the gentle programme and make sure that the glass cannot be mechanically damaged in the dishwasher - that is, that it is correctly positioned, that it does not touch other dishes and that the washing arms do not catch on it. It is not recommended to wash thick-walled containers such as decanters, vases and jugs in the dishwasher. For a perfect wash, just soak them in warm water with a bit of detergent, and for hard-to-reach dirt, our debris cleaner will do the trick.

Avoid poor polishing. Before polishing your glass, please watch the short instructional video for all the information you need.

Avoid large temperature changes. Rapid alternation of heat (warm water) and cold (cold water, ice) are not good for glass. Therefore, try not to expose glasses or jugs to temperature fluctuations.