Bargylus Grand Vin de Syrie Rouge 2013

Embodies a fascinating story about wine and war.
Syrah (Shiraz), Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot
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Dryness: Dry

Acidity: Medium


Alcohol (%):

Origin: North Caucasus, Syria

Maker: Bargylus


  • Syrah (Shiraz)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot

Fermentation: Biodynamic Heavy Wood



Asian Food Pairing: Ayam penyet, lamb kebab, kbbq

Western Food Pairing: Pair with Mediterranean cuisine, red meat mains, or a platter of charcuterie and cheese.


Bargylus Grand Vin de Syrie Rouge 2013

Here's a bottle that embodies a fascinating story about wine and war. There isn't a winemaker in the world that faces the same challenges brothers Karim and Sandro Saadé do. From war and stray mortar shells, to taxing grape samples across borders and managing an entire estate remotely for ten years, the Saadé brothers have beaten all the odds to create one of the best wines in the eastern Mediterranean year after year.

Deep red-purple colour. The nose opens with an elegant bouquet of plummy black fruits, black olives and truffles, warm spice and touches of fresh minerality. The concentrated and powerful palate offers layers of complexity. Fresh fruit flavours of plum, fig, dates, black cherry and cassis are accompanied by generous cinnamon, clove, sweet gingerbread and white pepper spices. Warm and spicy, with a dark fruit charm. Rich, with fine and velvety tannins, and a long structured finish.

A delicious blend of 60% Syrah, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot. Produced with the assistance of Bordeaux consultant legend Stephan Derenoncourt. The vineyard lies 900 meters above sea level, on the steep slopes of the Mount Bargylus coastal mountain range. The fruit is hand-picked, then sorted twice in the winery. Fermentation occurs in stainless steel and ageing for 14 months in barriques (one-third new wood, one-third 2nd fill, and one-third 3rd occupancy).