Feteasca Neagră de Purcari 2019

Not your grandma’s sweet sour plum!
Feteasca Neagra
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Notes: Plum, blackberry Red berries Spices Pomegranate

Body: Medium +

Dryness: Dry

Acidity: Medium +

Tannin: Medium -

Alcohol (%): 13.5

Origin: Stefan Voda, Moldova



  • Feteasca Neagra

Fermentation: Heavy Maturation



Asian Food Pairing: Sio ba, teppanyaki

Western Food Pairing: Roast beef, pork chop


Feteasca Neagră de Purcari 2019

Fetească Neagră is a noble grape variety with pronounced individuality. Its deep ruby color with aromas of red berries with a juicy core have a taste reminiscent of plums and blackberries.

Vinified with care and dedication, Purcari’s Fetească Neagră wine surprises with its balance of warm flavors with firm tannins. The velvety, complex texture allures with notes of berries and dried cherries, spiced with spice that sharpen the senses. The flavour of this temperamental wine is unmistakable and colours every moment.

Fetească Neagră 100%. Using traditional fermentation with an innovative technology. Matured in French oak barrels for 1 year.

By the end of the twelfth century, Moldova’s wine industry had become a major sector of Southeastern Europe’s economy. While the whole region has favorable conditions for viniculture, specific areas are especially fertile for growing the most full-bodied grapes. The village of Purcari and the Agon Zograf Monastery vineyards lay at the heart of this special terroir.

Recognizing similarities in the soil and climate with the Bordeaux region, French settlers entered into partnerships with the monastery and began cultivating Purcari’s special vintages in the eighteenth century.