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I use to only be a fan of Brunello/montepulciano. When Boundbywine sent me a bottle of Ciu Ciu Lacrima it blew my mind!

Now I’m more open to trying new grape varietals i’ve never heard of
Hardcore Brunello Fan
What Bound by Wine has made me realise, is that my palate is ready to enjoy so many more varieties of grapes, origins and flavors, which on my own, I may not have trusted myself in buying that bottle of wine while shopping anywhere.
Wine Virgin
I had a go at the Primo Rosso by Paladin and it was so different from any rose/prosecco combination I've tried before!

Definitely excited from more unique wines to explore!
Sweet Tooth

Wine Rants

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What is up with Tuscany?

Tuscan wine (Italian Toscana) is Italian wine from the Tuscany region. Situated in central Italy, located in central Italy along...
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Trepat? What is that!

It’s been a while since our last post! Jump starting our blog here at boundbywine thanks to TREPAT. What is...
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Mooncake & Wine Pairing 2020

How to's of Mooncake and wine pairing. Crash course for your moon cake party!
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