Momento Mori Fistful Of Flowers 2021

Organic and Natural like a fistful of flowers.
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Body: Medium

Dryness: Dry


Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Victoria, Chile

Maker: Momento Mori


  • Muscat

Fermentation: Steel Only



Asian Food Pairing: Curry and naan, bibimbap, Natto, Grilled unagi don

Western Food Pairing: Tahini, walnuts, sheep cheese, empanadas


Momento Mori Fistful Of Flowers

 Momento Mori Fistful of flowers are grown on the slopes of Mt Camel in Heathcote, Victoria.Long steady ferment in 100% stainless without any additions , approximately 3 weeks on skins then pressed and aged in stainless. Racked only once. bottled by gravity. Blend of vermentino & moscato girls. An expressive whack of florals on the nose, perfumed stone fruits, musk and spring blossoms. The nose is a handful of flowers, a whole bouquet that accompanies a tray of pineapple, lychee, papaya and passion fruit. An intensity of disarming fruit.
The low alcohol content and delicate freshness make it a wine to drink all in one breath. The palate being pretty much the antithesis of this. Fresh and pure with a cool slated steeliness and a fine salinity to keep it all together.

All of Dane John's wines are made with small ferments, wild yeast, no new oak, no mechanical pumps, no fining, no filtration and no additions at any stage of winemaking or bottling. His philosophy is simple “I’m just trying to make wines as pure and as clean as I can, without adding anything at all. That includes sulphur. I kind of like the constraints of not using sulphur ... I guess it’s like farming organically, it instantly ensures you can only do things gently and in small batches.”
As well as the vineyards they farm are also fortunate enough to work with some like minded and very fastidious growers throughout Victoria. They source high quality organic fruit that has been nurtured with the same philosophies in mind and are ever encouraging and striving for more sustainable and natural farming practices.

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