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Torrevento manages a vast estate of over 500 hectares that is divided into various estates. The winery's productive heart lies in the Castel del Monte area, in the lands of the Murgia. The Torrevento estate goes back to 1400, when it was built as a Benedictine Monastery. The current winemakers’ history with the estate began in 1948, when their ancestor Francesco Liantonio purchased Torrevento and its 57 hectares. The old monastery remains significant as it’s where the Liantonios keep their cellar and casks.

Torrevento has always been committed to enhancing the varieties historically present in Puglia, with the aim of producing quality wines faithful to tradition. It is one of the wineries that has contributed significantly to changing the face of Apulian wines, which have reached excellent quality levels and highlight the ancient vocation of this splendid land. Today, the winery’s philosophy is to emphasize particular terroir of the rugged Murgia and Salento regions. With modern technology and constant quality certifications, Torrevento has learned to produce classic wines for today’s market that are still very much based on Puglia’s ancient techniques. It is one of the most important companies of the DOC Castel del Monte and is considered an exemplary company in Apulia in terms of environmental protection and sustainability.