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Cantina Vini Tipici dell’Aretino

Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell’Aretino is an association of winemakers bringing together more than four hundred members, owners of more than eight hundred hectares of vineyards under cultivation specializing in Arezzo area.

Our wines are made from careful fermentation of red and white grapes, lovingly grown, expressing the strength and warmth of the Italian sun and the freshness and vibrancy of Tuscan territories“ — Gianni Iseppi, Winemaker and Winery Enologist Director.

Established in 1970, the association initially faced considerable difficulties in aggregating and developing a cooperative enterprise. In 1971, it held the first vinification of grapes conferred by associated growers. In 1980, the association's working partnership with the enologist Dr. Gianni Iseppi began. Over the years, the number of members and grapes delivered increased gradually. In order to keep up with this growth, the initial structures were modernized and expanded to its current total capacity of over one hundred thousand hectoliters.

Each farmer associated with viticulture follows a subsidiary, which adheres to the quality standards to which “Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell’Aretino” is certified. Using only authorized products, each grower can provide grapes that are 100% farmed naturally with environmentally friendly practices. Tests and inspections are regularly checked by an agronomist, who verifies that the grapes are healthy and genuine in every step of growth.

An innovative method of vinification

In 2008, an investment was made to transform the traditional method of winemaking with the Metodo Ganimede®. The update to the latest wine-making systems and the ongoing overhaul of machinery ensures safe operational requirements and cutting edge. Enologist director Dr. Gianni Iseppi is committed to controlling the entire chain of production and bottling every year.

The Metodo Ganimede®

The Metodo Ganimede® is an innovative fermenter, a patented winemaking system that exploits the exceptional natural capacity of fermentation gas (40/50 liters of CO2 per liter of must!) to obtain a gentle and effective extraction of the noble substances only. Thanks to the absence of mechanical pumps, they can make wines with very soft tannins that are also extraordinarily balanced and elegant.

The temperature control and management of the macro-oxygenation are automatically well-maintained by control panels located outside of each container. This allows the selective extraction of only the best substances, without harsh and astringent tannins that make the wine unbalanced. Through the Metodo Ganimede®, certified as safe and natural production system, we get an excellent fermentation of the grapes, which is reflected on the authenticity and excellence of our products.