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Movia Lunar 2017

The king of specialty wines, guided by nature with a helping hand from the moon.
Chardonnay and Rebula (Ribolla Gialla)
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Citrus Fruit, Tropical Fruit, and Mineral, Creamy / Buttery

BODY: Medium
Very Dry
Medium -

Origin: Primorska Region, Slovenia

Grape Varietals:

Chardonnay and Rebula (Ribolla Gialla)




Pair with mature cheeses, truffles, grilled white meat.

Tori Karaage, Har cheong gai, pyster cake


Movia Lunar 2017

Movia Lunar is the king of specialty wines, guided by nature with a helping hand from the moon. Winemaker Ales Kristancic uses moon cycles to vinify this wine, the healthiest and purest in the Movia wine range. Deep amber colour. The bouquet is spicy and woody, hinting at incense, fresh herbs and an undercurrent of pure grapes. The palate is dry, elegant, youthful and a bit bitter. Flavours of orange peel, sweet peach, dried apricot and honey. Plenty of character and a fine, long aftertaste to this extraordinary wine. This is pure nature in your glass.

Lunar shows a true presence on the palate, which is only enhanced by decanting. As sediment filters out and a rush of oxygen aerates the liquid. Decant it for an hour before serving to enjoy the wine's full textural and aromatic presence.

A wine that can easily be enjoyed now, even though it is a real youngster in need of schooling. It will only develop and mature to fully display its noble character over the following years of proper bottle ageing. Overall it emphases Rebula’s characteristics in an elegant and harmonious accordion of extract, aromas and flavour profile. None the less, it made us feel like walking through a meadow full of yellow dandelion flowers.

A blend of 50% Chardonnay, 50% Ribolla. Late harvest, hand picked, short vine-to-fermentation times (max. 2h). The grapes are destemmed by hand and placed in new oak barrels with custom caps. Fermentation begins in the berries themselves, which gradually release the wine. After 8 months of maturing, at full moon, the wine is gravity racked into bottles, no added sulphur, no filtration, no pressing. This is as close as it gets to the wine ancient man found in nature.

Lunar is produced in an unorthodox way. Grapes are brought to the cellar and destemmed. After a thorough check, berries are put straight into specially designed barrels with a wider – 25 centimetre opening on top. The fermentation starts spontaneously. We’re talking of a combination of intracellular and spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast. There’s a special net inside these barrels that helps to crush the fermenting hat, keeping it moist at all time. When lees and skins start to form the sediment slowly, they observe by gently stirring it. After 9 months of maceration in barrels. Fun fact: That’s the reason for 9 moons on the label! The wine is bottled without filtration, keeping the sediment. It then lays in bottles for a minimum of 24 months before coming to the market