Heritage de Calcaire Arbois Blanc Savagnin 2019

Taste the grape that's true to its region.
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NOTES: Currant Slate Nutty Dried Fruit






ORIGIN: Jura, France

MAKER: Heritage de Calcaire


  • Savagnin

FERMENTATION: Organic Heavy Wood



ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Steamed crab, sushi

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Almond crusted chicken, mushroom risotto


Heritage de Calcaire Arbois Blanc Savagnin

Heritage de Calcaire Arbois Blanc Savagnin has a alluring shimmering golden yellow. It eludes characteristic aromas of fresh walnuts, ginger, curry, almonds and mushrooms. A rare combination of finesse and power with a remarkable lingering aftertaste. This pure and classy blanc has an excellent balance between fullness and acidity. Superb to the last drop with surprising flavours of hazelnut and Comté.

The Jura vineyards cover 1865Ha along a north-south axis, stretching from Salins-les-Bains to Saint-Amour. This strip of land is bounded on the east by the first limestone plateau of the Jura Mountains and on the west, by the plain of Bresse. In front, towards the west stretches in the same axis, Burgundy. They only produce white wine with Savagin and Chardonnay under the Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) Arbois and Côtes-du-Jura. We are looking for the right expression of terroir.
Ageing begins on the lees without any stirring to preserve the purity of the structure. The wine spent 16 months ageing in the barrel.

Savagnin, not to be confused with Sauvignon Blanc, is a wine grape with a long history that is today arguably most famous for producing ‘vin jaune’ in Jura, eastern France. While the debate of its origins is ongoing, Savagnin is today best known as the signature grape of Jura.