Terroir Al Límit

Terroir Al Límit was founded by Dominik, who discovers his talent and passion for Mediterranean wine and culinary arts at a rather early stage: at the age of eighteen he visits an old Ligurian Trattoria; one year later he goes on a gourmet trip through Italy, alongside German top chef Karl Ederer, that takes him to various first-class traditional restaurants. At 27, he starts studying Economics and Marketing in London, Munich and Madrid. In 1996, while still at university, he completes his first internship at the Mas Martinet winery owned by the Perez family – situated in the Priorat, one of the two oldest wine-growing regions in Catalonia.

Enthused by his experiences and insights he takes on another internship at the Perez family after graduation in the year 2000 and gets employment as a labourer for a full year. In that time, Dominik encounters Eben Sadie, a highly regarded enologist from South Africa. They become friends and return to the Perez family in 2001 to help harvest the fruit. In 2001 Dominik and Eben Sadie established Terroir al Límit. They purchased their first fruit from the Perez family and vinify their first vintage of Dits del Terra. Dominik and Eben obtained their own little wine clear in the village of Torroja del Priorat and produced their first vintage of Arbossar, Torroja , Les Manyes and Les Tosses.

In 2007, Dominik made Torroja del Priorat his new home. His wines became better and better and production rises significantly. He mainly deals organic and biodynamic winemaking techniques and launched the Terrior Historic range in 2015. Dominik produces high-quality straight-forward cuvees from local grape varieties. 2018 was the launched of Terroir Sense Fronteres range. Dominik chooses to highlight the incredible potential of the Monstant region through wines of great finesse and elegance. “I see myself as an artisan. I have always seen it as a challenge to interlink intellectuality, sensitivity and practical work. Torroja del Priorat has become the centre of my life and has stolen my heart. I feel that here it is possible to live in the traditional Mediterranean way, with a healthy coexistence between body and spirit. I believe I can offer this philosophy to the world with my wines.”


Terroir al Límit fits into a distinctly Mediterranean context. Our ancient culture and terroir are consequences of the Mediterranean climate. Our wines are produced with gastronomy in mind. They shine brightest when enjoyed with family and friends, as part of the lifestyle of southern Europe. To pair with a healthy Mediterranean diet – known for dishes that are pure and authentic in flavor – our wines must be light and transparent. Nothing should mask the true character of the soils: not the oak, not the extraction, not the over-ripeness of the grapes. Only pure, mineral-rich fruit is used. We believe real food needs real wine. And wine should be made from healthy, lively grapes without any manipulation or additives, and with no other purpose than that of expressing the authentic emotion and true character of the place. Each successive vintage is a testament to their original vision for Terroir al Límit, as well as to Dominik’s continued quest to make the most elegant and expressive wines in the Priorat.