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Tamada is a leading Georgian wine brand since 2001 within the affordable premium segment. A “tamada” is a Georgian toastmaster, a respected and intelligent person who oversees the “supra,” a traditional Georgian feast. The main duty of the tamada is to make toasts, which enables him to raise different topics and enliven the discussion, making the banqueting experience more interactive, vibrant, and emotional.

Tamada is one of the first iconic Georgian brands, recognized internationally. Over many years, Tamada has been promoting Georgian wine and culture abroad and has acquired the status of Ambassador of Georgian wine culture in the world.

Iconic Naming

A “tamada” is a Georgian toastmaster: a respected and intelligent person, with a natural sense of authority, able to lead the “supra,” or Georgian feast. The tamada stimulates discussion by raising different toasts and making the gathering unforgettable. A good tamada can be inspiring and creative and can bring fresh perspectives to sometimes forgotten topics.

A long-standing Georgian tradition, the role of the tamada continues to be popular today at these unique gatherings.
The brand proudly carries the name, and reinforces the tamada tradition, as an essential part of Georgian wine culture.

Iconic Packaging

Tamada is proud to exclusively present one of the most valuable Georgian paintings,
“The Feast of Five Princes” by Niko Pirosmani.

Niko PIROSMANI (1862-1918) is perhaps the most beloved Georgian artist and a source of great national pride. His personality and talent led him to invent new ways of painting, and he became one of the most outstanding primitivistic artists in the world. Many of his works were either of historical figures or ordinary people living their every- day lives, including enjoying Georgian wine at traditional “supra” feasts.

Pirosmani, like Georgian wine, is one of the treasures of our society. This is why the art- ist’s painting was chosen for the “Tamada” label. His outstanding painting, “The Feast of Five Princes,” which is displayed on our label, is the inspiration for the exclusive “Tamada” wines. It expresses the uniqueness of the brand and emphasizes our Georgian origin.

The painting, created in 1906, is kept in the Georgian National Museum.