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Kerner is a white grape variety created in Germany, known for its aromatic and fruity character, and used to produce a range of styles from off-dry to sweet white wines

Varietal origin: Kerner is a white grape variety that was created by crossing Trollinger (a red grape) with Riesling (a white grape) in Germany in 1929. It is named after Justinus Kerner, a German poet and physician.

Typical taste profile: Kerner wines are typically aromatic and fruity, with flavors of white and yellow fruits such as apples, pears, and peaches. They can also exhibit floral and spicy notes, with a moderate acidity and sometimes a hint of sweetness. Kerner wines are often considered easy-drinking and approachable, with a crisp and refreshing character.

Regional styles: Kerner is primarily grown in Germany, where it is often used to produce off-dry to sweet white wines. It is also grown in other regions such as Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, where it is used to produce a range of styles from dry to sweet, still to sparkling wines.

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