Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

  • $95.00


Ever wanted Cheese & Charcuterie platters specially tailored to match a wine? So did we!
Be Cheezed out 3 different ways:
  • Cheeze Nut: Suitable for 2-3 pax (About 200g of cheese and/or charcuterie)
  • Cheeze Addict: Suitable for 4-5 pax (About 400g of cheese and/or charcuterie)
  • Cheeze Luxe: Suitable for 6-9 pax (About 650g of cheese and/or charcuterie)
For all platters, its a choice of all cheese, all charcuterie, or a mixture of both! We want to keep pairings simple yet fun. Each platter comes with crackers, fruits, nuts, and may include condiments such as hummus, jams and pickles. Just note that fruits & nuts would be seasonal.
You can pick out any number of wines from our marketplace or be surprised with our mystery wines. We will identify various cheeses & charcuterie that will go well with the your chosen wines.
*Mystery wines are valued >$45
Need something bigger? Contact us for customized platters!

**Platters Should be consumed within 1 hour of delivery. Else, please store in fridge to maintain freshness of ingredients in the platter and consumed within 2.5 hours. Thereafter, boundbywine will not be accountable for the freshness of the food.