Tohu Wines

Tohu’s owner, Wakatū, based in Nelson and Marlborough, is made up of 4,000 Maori families, all descendants of the four original tribes from the top of the South Island. We love their ethos: Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is one of their core values that directs their business and relationship with their environment. With their regenerative agriculture approach, they are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural resources inherited from their ancestors and passing them on to future generations.

Tohu is New Zealand’s first Maori-owned company. Since its establishment in 1998, the winery has focused on producing and developing single vineyards in its estates on premier and renowned grape-growing areas and regions of the country. The tūpuna, or ancestors of the current owners of Tohu, were nothing more than a group of fishermen, planters, farmers and providores. However, they were creative, astute and determined in whatever they did. This was what allowed them to set up and run the winery. 

The owners and workers of Tohu have the aim and purpose of upholding their ancestors’ legacy. They wish to pay their tributes to their forefathers by enhancing and improving the resources passed down generation after generation. Every wine created and distributed by the winery remains true to their deeply-held and respected values. Their principles and ideals lie in guardianship, kindness, or excellence, or as they call kaitiakitanga, manaakitanga, and rangatiratanga. 

Each wine bottle developed by Tohu carries and comes with its distinctive and unique logo, originally stemming from a koru design or pattern. For Māori, it represents the natural world along with life and growth. Thus, the logo tells the tale of the winery’s growth and all the people associated with it. 

The viticulture and winemaking processes at Tohu ensue with the philosophy of producing the best. The winery targets the development of wines that can capture and deliver the flavours of their unique environment. They work to create wines that can uphold the concepts of protection and respect for the land and soil. It’s undeniable that Tohu takes immense care of its vineyards and cellars, ensuring the preservation of the natural aspects.