Domaine Ninot

The Ninot family have been winegrowers and coopers since the 14th century. In later years, they were instrumental in spearheading the Rully appellation and establishing its reputation for high quality wines. Today the domaine is managed entirely by sister and brother duo, Erell and Flavien, whose commitment to excellence is evident in the way they approach all aspects of vinegrowing and winemaking. Erell is responsible for winemaking. She has previously won the prestigious trophee de jeune talent and is very much a rising star. Domaine Ninot is rightly considered one of the leading producers in the Côte Chalonnaise. 

The standout characteristic of the Domaine is their staggeringly fruit forward profile. The Domaine received its organic certification in 2020 and their philosophy is terroir focused. By respecting nature, the soil and vines, they are able to produce some outstanding quality wines. Meticulous detail is paid in the vineyards; rigorous pruning throughout winter to control yields, ploughing in spring to aerate the soils and remove weeds, and control of disease and pests as naturally and with as much respect to nature as possible (the estate is currently in its final year of organic conversion). An equally rigorous approach is applied at harvest time; grapes are only hand-harvested and undergo meticulous sorting to eliminate any fruit that does not measure up, before being crushed and pressed as soon as possible, to maintain freshness, purity of fruit and above all reflection of individual terroirs.