Pietro Zardini

Pietro Zardini winery is the result of a continuous evolution with deep roots in Valpolicella.

Its origins date back to the beginning of 17th Century with Leonardo Zardini, the founder of the family, a wine producer in the heart of the Valpolicella Classico.

A succession of lives, events, generations and hard work in the fields, led the small family-run farm to today’s modern winery.

After Leonardo, Giacinto took care of the winery. Giacinto died of pneumonia because he wanted to prune vines while it was snowing. Then came Pietro, a strong and humble man: his oxen were famous throughout the Valpolicella because of their strength and beauty. Then came Leone and finally, Pietro Zardini.

Pietro Zardini dedicated the winery to his grandfather Pietro and Amarone Riserva to his father Leone. These are the men of his family: they carried out the same mission, the same passion rooted in the same ground.

His journey has given Pietro a wealth of wine culture and tradition and the ability to create something particular and different. His knowledge and wine comes from this evolution: an exaltation of fragrances, new and old flavours, taking us back in time and into the future… that’s tradition you can taste, that’s wine made with love and passion.