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Somersault Soda

No artificial sweeteners and no preservatives

Fresh organic fruit juice

50% less organic cane sugar

Natural flavours

Somersault is the brainchild of three Melbourne lads who came together because they believed in a healthier lifestyle for their families. They wanted to reduce the levels of sugar in their diets without being fanatical and substituting it for weird sweeteners. Zero artificially sweetened Soda with 50% less sugar didn’t exist, so Somersault Soda was born. When you try it your taste buds will be thankful.

One of a kind sodas with 50% less sugar and no sweeteners. To achieve this, Somersault went back to nature and developed techniques our ancestors have been using for thousands of years to brew the organic sugar content down and enhance  natural fruit flavours. Isn’t Mother Nature a beautiful thing!
After slow brewing the sodas for several days, they add fresh organic juices and organic ingredients. Choosing playful combinations of flavours helps to keep the refreshment interesting. Somersault Sodas are packed in brown bottles because reducing sunlight helps to naturally preserve the sodas and keeps the fresh flavours in. A simple way of keeping the deliciousness in the bottle without adding preservative 202 (whatever that is).
Always remember that a bottle of Somersault is like a party for your taste buds without the usual hangover for your body!
Cheers to a happier and healthier lifestyle.