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Milan Nestarec

Milan Nestarec is not a winery. It is ideas that just happen to be represented through wine. It is about serving a world view using wine as a medium.

Milan is a second generation winemaker in Moravia, in the eastern Czech Republic. He works across 12 different plots situated around his home village 'Velké Bilovice in the Southern part of Moravia.

Milan's father started the vineyard in 2001 and from the outset, they have farmed naturally. Milan describes his approach in the vineyards as 'normal', which to him means not using any herbicide, pesticide, industrial or systemic fertilisers and focusing on a healthy eco-system that allows for a balanced flora and fauna.

By definition, Milan does not have a vineyard or winemaking recipe. He makes wine according to his principles and creativity, without any rules or dogma. Hence why each year sees a different take on how he vinifies and ages his wines. He is also a member of the ‘Autentiste’ group – a community of wine makers who strive to express the true character of the land using natural methods.

Milan's wines are superb, full of character and drinkability but also style. His colourful labels tend to be released at an earlier stage and come from younger vines, whilst his 'old vines' are characterised by the more serious minimalistic labels.