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Château Lestignac

Camille and Mathias Marquet are the young couple behind Château Lestignac. they inherited the family farm in 2008 and work 7 hectares of vines in France's Sud-Ouest, a huge region that is too often overlooked as between-Bordeaux-and-the-Coast.



The history of Château Lestignac began 5 centuries ago and the Marquet family has owned these lands since 1617. Camille and Mathias Marquet took over the estate in 2008. The vineyard was originally made up of 13 hectares but the couple decided to cultivate only 7 so they could place all the attention they wanted to in the vines and their wines.


From the beginning, the couple turned to organic farming but have transitioned to Biodynamics over the years to refine the wines and deepen the terroir effect. Each year they palnt hundreds of flowers, trees and shrubs, also working with 2 goats, 2 horses and about 50 hens to find a natural balance between animals, plants and humans.


In the cellar, vinification is done in the most natural way possible. No inputs, except a minimum dose of sulphites for the whites at times when necessary.