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Gonzo Vino

The growers: Ricca Terra Farms – pioneers of the old
At Ricca Terra Farms they do grapes differently - like pioneering alternate varieties and sustainable growing practices. They also do picking, sorting and de-MOG-ing* by hand, for human-powered quality control.

*MOG = Matter Other than Grapes (it’s a techy wine thing)

Like so many great ideas, Gonzo Vino started poolside.
The solution: a tonne of premium pinot noir grapes and a mind-blowing homemade rose. After some missteps on packaging, some ancient ’60s wisdom was channelled and they reinvented the wine pillow (which handily doubles as a floaty pillow, once empty).

These days at Gonzo Vino, they’re doing goon anew – updated with a fresh worldview.
Their reduced carbon footprint, increased recyclability and sustainable growing practices speak to a modern vibe. As much as the wines produced hit the right notes in modern mouths. Like a super-dry, earthy Bendigo riesling, or a raspberry-jam, hot-cross-bun shiraz with a mule kick of spice.