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Abunotsuru brewery was founded in 1915. The brewery is located in the Nago district, looking out over the Sea of Japan, amid the beautiful sea and abundant greenery of Abu village in Yamaguchi prefecture.

The MIYOSHI brand is the sake of Abunotsuru brewery. The “three” (or, in Japanese, “mi”) of “Miyoshi” consists of sake starting from yeast, rice and water, as well as the triad of sellers, buyers and the public. The sake was named “Miyoshi,” or “fond of the three,” out of a desire for this harmony that is so crucial to creating Japanese sake. Every step in the sake-making process is important, so each must be handled one at a time with painstaking care. This concept has a firm awareness of that step-by-step process.

The three stripes on the bottle's minimalistic label design represents the Japanese character for “three”, but the character is actually made of the numeral “1” repeated three times.