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Domaines Albert Bichot

The first traces of the Bichot family date back to 1214. They settled in Burgundy in 1350, in their fief of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois. The family crest, consisting of a doe and antlers, has not changed since and has been synonymous with the winery since its inception.



In 1831, Bernard Bichot founded a wine trading business bearing his name in Monthélie. Bernard’s son, Hippolyte, succeeded him and bought the first vines in Volnay. At the end of the 19th century, Hippolyte’s son Albert Bichot took the family business into a new direction. He created the winery as we know it today, Maison Albert Bichot, and the business settled in the centre of Beaune once and for all in 1912.
The second Albert Bichot, born in 1900, was a pioneer of international commerce. North America, Asia, Oceania… He travelled incessantly in order to introduce Bichot wines, which were already recognised as being among the best, to wine lovers around the world.

In the second half of the 20th century, his four sons, Albert, Bernard, Bénigne and Jean-Marc, inherited this know-how. A new era of expansion began with the construction of a large ageing cellar, a new bottling centre and winery. Bichot wines were available in all of the world’s continents.

A New Generation

Since 1996, Albéric Bichot has represented the 6th generation managing the winery. Though he fully respects family traditions, he is completely focused on the future. He compares himself to the "conductor of an orchestra, proud to bring people and their talents together over a common project".

The challenges are numerous: converting to organic viticulture in the Côte-d'Or vineyards, on-going adaptation to new markets, increasing the prestige and exposure of Burgundy wines and much more.
Convinced that the quality of wine depends on the quality of the grapes, he has focused on developing the upstream control that was undertaken in the 1980s. He secured supplies, and began to expand Domaines Albert Bichot’s vinification capacity and the ageing cellars in 2010.
Albert Bichot has acquired 250 acres of vineyards in the most reputed growing areas throughout Burgundy. In addition, Albert Bichot carefully sources grapes in order to vinify many of its regional and village wines, enabling them to supply high quality wines with continuity. For these grapes sourced from partner growers, quality and a close partnership are of the utmost importance.


The company’s vineyards now total 6 estates that cover Burgundy from north to south. These Domaines are set at the heart of 5 great vinicultural regions that make up Burgundy: Chablis, Cote de Nuits, Cote de Beaune, Cote Chalonnaise, and Beaujolais. Each estate consists of vineyards cultivated with sustainable practices, as well as facilities, cellars and dedicated winemaking teams devoted to wines of that Domaine and region.
The 6 estates include:
  • Domaine Long-Depaquit in Chablis
  • Chateau Gris in the Cote de Nuits (Nuits-St.-Georges)
  • Domaine du Clos-Frantin in the Cote de Nuits (Nuits-St.-Georges)
  • Domaine du Pavillon in the Cote de Beaune (Pommard)
  • Domaine Adelie in the Cote Chalonnaise (Mercurey)
  • Domaine du Rochegres in Beaujolais (Moulin-à-Vent)