Nestled in the Northern mountains of Lebanon, Aurora is a modern family-owned winery dedicated to producing authentic quality and terroir-driven wines.


The family owned estate has been growing vineyards and producing wines from the village of Aoura on its mountainous terraces built in 2003. Aoura is at 900 metres above the Mediterranean sea. Drawing inspiration from the world’s vineyards blended with respect and appraisal for the terroir to create outstanding wines that embrace the region of Batroun, North Lebanon.

Dr. Fady Geara is the founder and winemaker of Aurora. It started with a passion for wine and a great vision for his hometown village, Rachkiddeh. A full-time Oncologist dedicating his weekends for winemaking. Living in both France and the US, he draws inspiration from both worlds, combining new-world and old-world practices to create signature wines from his land.


Since the beginning of their journey, Aurora has always practiced dry farming. Their terroir experiences moderate four seasons that offer adequate rainfall to the vines. TO assist this process, their vineyards have been planted on terraces to retain rainwater and avoid landslides on this mountainous vineyard.

Using eco-friendly farming techniques, their soils are only treated using cattle organic fertilisers. The soils are typically clay and limestone, ideal for water drainage and cooling ground temperatures. The only pest management used is netting the vines for protection against birds and bees.

To respect the land and its capacity, the vineyards are carefully handpicked and grape clusters are controlled to carry limited yields per vine to provide optimal juice concentration. Following the harvest, the winery practices are also fully eco-conscious whereby yeasts and stabilisers used are certified organic.