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Domaine Wardy

The story of Domaine Wardy is that of two neighbouring families from Zahle, The Wardys and The Cortases. The Wardys owned vineyards and orchards while The Cortases made wine and arak since 1881. The winery today is owned and managed by four Wardy siblings and produces 17 Wines, Arak and Vodka.

The Wardys are the fourth generation of wine and arak makers – wines and spirits have been intertwined in their lives since 1881 (or 1873 as some claim) when their great-grandfather, Rachid Cortas, started a winery in Zahle.

Domaine Wardy was founded in 1997 but went through an evolution as it was passed to new ownership and management in 2018. To refresh the brand's image, they started with the winery logo. The new logo is the main body of “Wardy” written in Arabic calligraphy which happens to resemble four rows of vine trellises.

The domaine is committed to sustainable farming in their new vineyards (to be planted in 2019–2023). Respect for the environment with a switch to solar energy and a new wastewater treatment plant in the winery.