Saving wine, one day at a time.
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The premium wine preserver. Made with 100% argon gas, Winesave is the easiest and most effective solution to keep opened bottles of wine fresh longer - days, weeks or even months.

The PRO would give you approximately 150 applications, perfect for kitchen use

The MINI would give you approximately 25 applications, perfect for travel use



Made with 100% all-natural, high quality, food grade argon gas. Totally inert, completely harmless, colorless, flavorless, odorless and tasteless. Being denser than air, argon settles above the liquid protecting the wine from souring and oxidation. In fact, more of our packaging food are converting to using argon gas for sealing. Taste test and other studies have shown to yield a significant extension of shelf life. An average of 25% improvement in shelf life, such as appearance, aroma, color and texture.


    • Eliminates or reduces wine wastage

    • Extends life of opened wines

    • Open multiple wines at a time

    • Enjoy more expensive wines without the worry of turning bad

    • Easy to use

    • No shelf life expiry date

    • Good for 150 applications


    1. Insert tube into your bottle of Wine, Whiskey, Spirit

    1. Spray for about 1 second only

    1. Cover the bottle opening

    1. Reseal with original cap, cork, stopper

Did you know? Argon also improved food safety. Argon displaces oxygen (which harmful pathogens need to grow) but also inhibits microbial oxidases -- enzymes that increase the rate of oxidation.


We've all been there at some point...

    • you just want a glass or two, but don't want to have to finish the bottle.

    • you want to open that second bottle, but can't drink all of it.

    • you'd love to have glass of sparkling before dinner, but then a glass of still with dinner.

    • you have a few bottles you'd love to taste.

Many wine lovers all over the world have said the same thing after using winesave. Being able to confidently save a bottle for later changes how you drink wine forever.

    • Reduce Stress - no more worrying about what to do with the rest of the wine after you've had enough for now.

    • Experiment More - buy that other bottle of wine you're interested in, and even open multiple bottles at the same time.

    • Please Everybody - if your spouse wants a glass of red and/or your friend wants some of that champagne, but you want a glass of white... check, check, and check.

    • Mix it Up - have a glass of wine with dinner, winesave the bottle, then feel free to have a glass of scotch as a nightcap.

    • Saves Money - no more throwing leftover wine down the drain after keeping the opened bottle for too long.