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Unico Zelo Alluvium Fiano 2021

A beautiful expression of natural Fiano & Birdwood terroir
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Citrus Fruit and Mineral,

BODY: Medium -
Very Dry

Origin: South Australia (Barossa, Claire & Eden Valley, McLaren Vale & More), Australia

Grape Varietals:



Extended Skin Contact, Wild yeast, and On Lees Ageing






Unico Zelo Alluvium Fiano 2021 is a wine that captures the essence of the Fiano grape and the Adelaide Hills region. With its vibrant flavors, lively acidity, and elegant profile, it offers a delightful sensory experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of dishes, this captivating white wine is sure to leave a lasting impression. Raise a glass to the allure of Fiano and the passion of Unico Zelo's winemaking artistry.

Grape Varietal & Region: Alluvium is made exclusively from the Fiano grape variety, an ancient and indigenous grape native to Southern Italy. Unico Zelo sources the Fiano grapes for this wine from selected vineyards in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. The cool climate and diverse soils of the region contribute to the wine's distinctive character.

Taste Profile: Lemongrass, lime-leaf, guava, but there is that incredible flinty, reductive whiff that is always here when the wine is in peak form. As you may pick up - it is in peak form. So much grapefruit and quartz charging down the middle of the palate, with bits of jasmine and nectarine trailing in its wake. I don’t think we’ve captured the Birdwood soil profile so well in a wine before. You could chew on this acid for days. Alluvium feels special this year.

Winemaking Process: The Fiano grapes for Alluvium are carefully handpicked and gently pressed to extract the purest expression of the fruit. The juice is then fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures to preserve the vibrant flavors and freshness of the variety. The wine undergoes a short maturation period on lees, adding complexity and texture to the final product.

Unico Zelo is a passionate and innovative winery located in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. The winemaking team, led by Brendan and Laura Carter, focuses on sustainable practices and minimal intervention winemaking techniques. They strive to showcase the unique qualities of different grape varieties and terroirs, crafting wines that express a sense of place and authenticity.