Stolpman Love You Bunches 2021

Love this wine bunches
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NOTES: Plum, pluot Cherry, red berries Lychee, pomegranate

BODY: Medium +



TANNIN: Medium +

ALCOHOL (%): 12.5%

ORIGIN: California (Napa, Sonoma, Russian River Valley & More), United States of America

MAKER: Stolpman Vineyards


  • Sangiovese

FERMENTATION: Natural, Organic, Vegan Slight Wood



ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Teppanyaki beef, lamb skewers

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Marinara pasta, burger


Stolpman Love You Bunches

Serve cold! The Long 2020 carbonic Sangiovese harvest led to a wine that delivers in immediate approachability. The typical Love You Bunches pizzazz of fresh red berry fruit and cherries that we all adore give way to lychee and pomegranate. Fleshier and softer than the more angular 2018 and 2019 vintages, the 2020 has a more cushioned mid-palate. Rico Suave! Darker notes of plum and pluot accompanied by signature tartness and lingering acidity.

100% Sangiovese

The 2020 vintage started with much needed late rain in March and April. The cold moisture pushed back bud break and set up an anticipated late harvest. Ripening then accelerated after late season heat waves. The first carbonic Sangiovese picks were ready a couple weeks after a minor heat-spike on August 15th. After letting vines recover from a Labour Day weekend heatwave that peaked on September 6th, the team commenced harvesting the lion's share of Sangiovese in mid through late September and cooler sites continued to trickle in through mid-October. The resulting 2020 Love You Bunches Carbonic Sangiovese shows off a breat=dth of flavour and texture from the light, crisp high-toned rose-liked quality to the more substrative texture and depth of the later picks.

Primarily Block 5 Sangiovese with new own-rooted Block 6 Sangiovese. Since 2017, additional Sangiovese and Ruben Solorzano were purchased and planted. Whole cluster, native Carbonic fermentation. 1-3 week whole-grape native fermentation in sealed, round carbonic tanks and smaller 1.5 ton trans-store tanks. 60% stainless steel, 40% barrel for 3 months.