Sing Sing 12 Years Single Grain

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Sing Sing 12 years Single Grain

Sing Sing 12 years Single Grain uses the finest malted barley and other grains sourced locally in the sub-tropical region of Taiwan. Matured in American oak casks which impart many layers of flavour, resulting in hints of herbal aroma and floral note on the nose, a mellow and oaky expression on the palate that lingers with a subtle sweet finish.
Amber, gold in the glass. On the nose, it presents a Herbal, oaky, corn and vanilla notes. On the palate, some layers of complexity, corn-like sweetness, oak spice, floral and toffee notes. Wrapping up with an earthy and subtle sweet finish.
Aged in USA Oak Barrels.
Grain: Malted Barley and Grains from Taiwan