Rockford P.S Marion Tawny NV

Sugar daddy - mature and rich
Syrah (Shiraz)
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Notes: Dark fruits Caramel, toffee Raisin

Body: Medium

Dryness: Sweet



Alcohol (%): 19%

Origin: South Australia (Barossa, Claire & Eden Valley, McLaren Vale & More), Australia

Maker: Rockford


  • Syrah (Shiraz)




Asian Food Pairing: Peking duck, sioba

Western Food Pairing: Surf & turf, blue / goat cheese


Rockford P.S Marion Tawny NV

This wine is a small contribution to the Barossa's great tradition of producing outstanding, aged fortified wines. The many years the wine was allowed to mature in seasoned, small oak casks encourages the flavours to slowly concentrate and develop into a rich, complex and spicy Barossa Tawny.
Rockford needs no introduction, although most of the plaudits go to their red wines. This tawny is a fitting tribute to founder Robert O’Callaghan’s restored 1897 Paddle Steamer Marion; with the very old base wine being refreshed each year with small casks as they reach maturity. The result is packed with gentle dark fruit and dried/caramelized fruit notes and lots of baking spice complexity. You can happily leave an open bottle in a dark place to sip over the course of a few months, though we find it tends to disappear pretty quickly. The dark horse of the Rockford range.
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