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Small batch gin produced with foraged botanicals from meadows surrounding Lake Como.
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A taste of the meadows that surround the beautiful Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy.

RIVO is a small batch gin produced with a collection of diverse foraged botanicals from the fields and hills surrounding Lake Como. An area of intense beauty in Lombardy, the team at RIVO have truly captured Lake Como's essence in the bottle. This artisan Italian gin is made with passion and in-depth local knowledge of the naturally growing botanicals in Lombard.

Traditional ingredients like juniper, angelica, coriander and cardamom are joined by local ingredients foraged for by a team of botanists, which include salad burnet, winter savory, lemon balm and Breckland thyme. Sharp and fresh lemon balm joins core juniper notes before opening up to reveal scents of florals, citrus and Mediterranean herbs. The layers of wild herbs and fresh citrus notes are balanced, expressive and softly textured in the mouth. Savoury herbs dominate the palate, but notes of thyme and lemon balm come through on the finish.

RIVO Gin is distilled at the Italian Distilleria Quaglia, one of Italy’s oldest distilleries. Each botanical is distilled separately and to its best advantage. While the spices are left to macerate for 10 days in a 70% Italian grain alcohol, the freshly plucked botanicals are steeped for just 48 hours. The solutions are pressed and then distilled in a double-bottomed pot still. Each run takes a different length of time depending on the type of botanical and the quantity needed. Some can take up to 10 hours, while others take only 30 minutes. Finally, the distillates are married together and watered down to bottling strength of 43%.

Serving tips: RIVO gin is smooth enough to sip neat, but is also sublime a classic cocktail like a Bee’s Knees or a French 75. If you're serving it with tonic we suggest adding an orange peel and a handful of juniper berries to really bring out and complement its original flavours.