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Riedel Winewings Syrah-Shiraz

A RIEDEL purchase is an investment into a product designed to bring greater enjoyment to wine.
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Riedel Winewings Syrah/Shiraz

The Shiraz/Syrah glass is perfect for balancing the gripping tannins and concentrated fruit typical of medium-bodied red wines.

This shape brings forward the soft fruit, earthy characteristics, and highlights a long savoury finish. It brings out the wine's silky, velvety structure and balanced flavours. Perfect for Old World Syrah

This pack contains a single glass. Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

Over the course of his 47-years working in his family business, 10th generation Georg Riedel has become the father of functional glassware, having built a career on products designed to enhance the enjoyment of beverages. Now, Georg introduces his swansong series to the world: RIEDEL Winewings.

In the Northern Summer of 2018, Georg was asked by a customer to create ‘the ultimate glass’ for Cabernet Sauvignon. Following 12 months of tastings and changes to shape, size and rim diameter, Georg’s single glass for Cabernet developed into seven shapes for the most popular grape varietals, and a completely new shape emerged.

Flat-bottomed and reminiscent of an aircraft wing, complete with winglets, RIEDEL Winewings was born and about to take flight! While not the most visually beautiful collection, RIEDEL Winewings is “brutally functional, taking the wine’s aromas and flavours on a flight,” Georg says.

This innovative series is a symbolic shift in aesthetic for the RIEDEL brand, as it is a step away from his father’s original Sommeliers series shapes, and towards a new era of functional glassware. The impact of this new shape is a collection for the true wine connoisseur. For the first time, the RIEDEL Winewings glasses primarily emphasise the minerality of the wine, whereas all other collections tend to highlight fruit. The collection is ideal for the ultimate wine geek who prefers wines with depth and complexity.

“I chose a flat and stretched bottom with a wing-like shape as it increases the surface area of the wine exposed to oxygen. This leads to greater levels of evaporation and enables a greater intensity of aroma,” says Georg. “When positioning one’s head to the glass, the nose is closer to the exposed and wider surface of the wine. This alone would not fully deliver the optimal aroma of each grape variety so, to capture the delicate layered aromas, it was necessary to curve the glass walls and to correctly calibrate the opening of each glass with its rim diameter.”