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Quechol Sotol Texanum

If you’ve already fallen for Tequila and mezcal, it’s time to give soulful sotol a try.
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Quechol Sotol Texanum

Sotol is a distillate made from a type of shrub, Dasylirion wheeleri, more commonly called desert spoon. That’s in contrast to Tequila and mezcal, crafted from agave.

Sourced from the Chihuahuan desert in Durango, the Dasylirion plants thrive in dry conditions with extreme climates. Proprietary coas, crafted by Quechol's Sotoleros and stronger than the ones you might see used to harvest blue weber agave, are used to harvest the piñas during November-May to avoid the rainy season. The piñas are then cooked in a volcanic rock pit oven, which can contain up to 10-12 tons, using mezquite for three days.

Averaging 15 years for maturation, Texanum is one of the biggest Dasylirion plants and their piñas weigh on average 110-130 lbs at harvest. The mild and tame palate features prominent and juicy flavors of black licorice. Subtle vegetal notes are highlighted on the round and balanced finish.