Peter Zemmer Riesling "Rohacker" DOC 2016

Elegant with a fine fruitiness.
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Notes: Apple / Pear Peach Pineapple Lemon / Lime Jasmine Honeycomb / Beeswax


Dryness: Neutral

Acidity: High

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

Maker: Peter Zemmer


  • Riesling

Fermentation: Steel Only



Asian Food Pairing: Lobster prawn vermecelli, White pepper crab

Western Food Pairing: Pair with fish mains, vegetables, or a whole range of appetisers.


Peter Zemmer Riesling "Rohacker" DOC 2016

This Riesling thrives under fine microclimatic conditions and in the loose, well-aerated and very calcareous soils in the valley floor near Cortina. Tender care of the vineyard and the well ventilated microclimate offer the best conditions for an optimal production of this varietal, so that an excellent quality of grapes can be guaranteed. The grapes are pressed and the stems are removed in the pneumatic tank press. A 6–8 hour cold maceration precedes pressing to enhance the fruitiness of the wine. Afterwards, the grapes are gently pressed and clarified through the natural settling of sediments. Alcoholic fermentation is carried out with pure strains of yeast at a controlled temperature of 19°C.
Elegant with a fine fruitiness. Bright greenish-yellow colour. Soft scents of ripe peaches, apricot and daffodil florals waft from the glass. The dominantly fresh peach flavours has layers of green apple and soft pear, hints of tropical pineapple and mango. Delicate and dry, with an enticing acidity and lively fullness in the mouth.