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Movia Puro 2018

Puro turned upside-down can live forever
Chardonnay and Rebula (Ribolla Gialla)
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Tree Fruit, Yeasty / Brioche

BODY: Medium
Very Dry
Medium +
Medium -

Origin: Primorska Region, Slovenia

Grape Varietals:

Chardonnay and Rebula (Ribolla Gialla)


Methode Champenoise



Pair with sourdough bread appetisers (sourdough with goat's cheese, tomatoes and olives).

sushi, tempura, bahn mi


Movia Puro

Movia Puro is a very special sparkling wine with an endless life. A Puro turned upside-down can live forever, as its permanently present yeasts are capable of keeping it alive for years.

Golden colour with a medium orange-red hue. Fresh aromas of red berries and crisp apple with a secondary wave of brioche and yeast. The dry and soft-textured palate is complex yet very smooth, creamy and pure. Persistent and lively bubbles. Delectable core flavours of baked apples and pears with layers of apricot, orange peel, honey and brioche. An excellent sparkling wine.

60% Chardonnay and 40% Ribolla. Hand-picked grapes from a vineyard with vines an average age of 32 years, limestone and marl soils, and single guyot vine training. Primary fermentation occurs in large tanks on natural yeasts from the same pre-harvested grapes (5%). Maceration lasts for 1 day, giving the wine its sensitive rosé hue. Next is gentle pressing at low pressure levels. Secondary fermentation occurs on lees in oak barriques with no racking. Ageing for four years in barriques, letting it become naturally stable and ready for a long life. No fining, no filtration, no added sulphites.

How to disgorge Puro

Puro is special because you have to disgorge it yourself when you open the bottle! Disgorgement, or dégorgement in French, is a technique used in the traditional method of sparkling wine production that removes dead yeast cells and sediment from the neck of the wine bottle after secondary fermentation. Wine producers typically disgorge the wine for you by freezing the bottle’s neck and quickly extracting the solids. You'll have to disgorge Puro by hand the old-fashioned way – by opening the bottle and quickly releasing the sentiment.

The reason Puro isn't disgorged by its producers is to give the wine a continuous, endless life with its own natural yeasts. It also means the wine contains no preservatives. Some may find this procedure of opening the wine unpractical. But we think that besides drinking it, opening Puro is a fun experience!

Watch the short video below for a quick demonstration on how to disgorge Puro without breaking anything or losing all your wine.