Moschopolis Aióra Red 2020

Maturing in amphoras for three months. Great fruit purity!
Xinomavro and Syrah (Shiraz)
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Body: Medium +

Dryness: Very Dry

Acidity: Medium +

Tannin: Medium +

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Northern Greece (Macedonia, Thrace & More), Greece



  • Xinomavro
  • Syrah (Shiraz)




Asian Food Pairing:

Western Food Pairing:


Moschopolis Aióra Red 2020 is a captivating and vibrant wine that showcases the rich flavors and unique character of the Moschopolis winery. With a carefully crafted blend of grape varietals and a commitment to quality winemaking, this wine is sure to impress.

Grape Varietals & Region: Aiora was the ancient Greek festival dedicated to the god Dionysus and to the celebration of the revelation of the annual wine. Moschopolis Aióra Red is a blend of carefully selected Xinomavro, Syrah & Mavrotragano.

Taste Profile: Prepare your taste buds for a delightful journey with Moschopolis Aióra Red. It entices with a deep, ruby-red color and an inviting bouquet of ripe berries, cherries, and hints of spice. On the palate, the wine reveals a symphony of flavors, with layers of fruit, earthy undertones, and well-integrated tannins. Its medium to full body, balanced acidity, and a smooth finish make it a pleasure to sip and savor.

Winemaking Process: Moschopolis Aióra Red is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. The grapes are handpicked at optimal ripeness to ensure the best flavor and quality. After gentle pressing, fermentation takes place under controlled conditions, allowing the grapes to express their unique characteristics. The wine is then aged in amphora to enhance complexity and texture, resulting in a well-rounded and expressive final product.

The winemakers at Moschopolis are passionate artisans dedicated to producing exceptional wines. They combine their expertise, tradition, and innovative approaches to winemaking to create wines that reflect the unique terroir and spirit of the region. With a commitment to quality and a deep understanding of their craft, they strive to produce wines that captivate and delight wine enthusiasts.