Millaman Limited Reserve Barrel Aged Malbec 2021

Surprise after surprise, when layers of flavours open up slowly.
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NOTES: Plum, Blueberries, Blackberries, Black Cherry Raspberry, Pomegranate Pepper, Licorice Floral Clay Coffee, Tobacco, Leather

BODY: Medium +



TANNIN: Medium -


ORIGIN: Central Valley Region (Maipo, Cachapoal Valley & More), Chile

MAKER: Millaman Winery


  • Malbec

FERMENTATION: Biodynamic, Low Carbon Footprint Heavy Wood

AWARDS: >90 pts


ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Brasied beef cheek, oxtail stew

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Roasted beef, game stew


Millaman Limited Reserve Barrel Aged Malbec

Millaman Limited Reserve Malbec is a complex wine. At first, it eludes highlights of black fruits such as berries, mulberry and blueberry, then it opens to floral notes and small notes of spices. On the palate, it has silky-smooth tannins, with sweet notes and balanced acidity. Long oaky finish with a hint of vanilla and leather.

The vineyard is planted on soils of alluvial origin, with good water infiltration and optimal conditions for the development of the vines.The soil is alluvial with different textures, created by the river, which leaves rocks, sand, gravel and basically clay.

Peteroa is located 200kms South of Santiago. The climate is Mediterranean and is highly influenced by the Pacific's anticyclone. The annual precipitation is of 600 millimeters and happens mostly during the winter. The summers are usually warm, with a big amount of solar light and cold nights which allow us to have high-quality grapes. The proximity of the Mataquito River, which is bordering our 70 year old vineyards, creates a microclimate and balances the temperature.

The winemaking techinque its oriented to obtain very aromatic and elegant wines. The grapes are destemmed and ground gently for a long cold maceration. The fermentation temperatures were moderate for a smooth extraction of the tannins; fermentation with selected yeasts; extended contact with the skin; complete malolactic fermentation. Aged in French oak barrels for 12 months.