Lumière Koshu Pétillant 2019

Light of the party
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Notes: Green Apple Lemon, Orange Acacia

Body: Medium -

Dryness: Very Dry

Acidity: High

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%): 11

Origin: Yamagata, Japan

Maker: Lumière


Fermentation: Organic, Natural Bottle


Decanting: No

Asian Food Pairing: Sushi and sashimi, grilled Thai stingray

Western Food Pairing: Oysters, baked cod


Lumière Koshu Pétillant 2019

Lumière Koshu Pétillant has a pale yellow appearance and fine, elegant bubbles. Opens with an acacia flower, citrus and green apple nose. The palate is bright yet delicate with a well-integrated acidity and lively citrus notes. 

100% Koshu. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Yamanashi is the most spectacular vineyard region in Japan. Lumière's main vineyards are very special, located in areas with alluvial soils and decomposed granite rocks, which provide great drainage. The vineyards are cultivated using grass cover crop and no-tillage systems. This enhances the true nature of the grapes, allowing the wines to express their utmost potential.

All the grapes are harvested by hand. Made using the traditional Champagne method, which contains two fermentation steps. First fermentation begins after harvest and pressurage. This base wine is converted to sparkling wine by adding sugar. During secondary fermentation, otherwise called bottle fermentation, which creates carbon dioxide. The wine then ages for 2 years in bottle. Non-dosage style to enhance delicate flavour and taste of the grapes.