Kopke Colheita Port 2001

A wine of high quality, made from one single harvest.
Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, and Tempranillo (Aragonez, Tinta Fino, Tinta Roriz)
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NOTES: Cherry, Strawberry Orange Caramel, Toffee, Mocha Raisin Pecan

BODY: Medium



TANNIN: Medium

ALCOHOL (%): 20

ORIGIN: Douro Valley, Portugal

MAKER: Kopke


  • Touriga Franca
  • Touriga Nacional
  • Tempranillo (Aragonez, Tinta Fino, Tinta Roriz)




ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Japanese caramel custard pudding, Chinese candied walnuts, sweet potato and ginger dessert soup

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Caramel fondant with apple and ginger jelly, Tarte Tatin, Crème Brulée, medium-strength cheeses


Kopke Colheita Port NV

Kopke Colheita Port is a taste of history. Appealing golden-red colour. Deep aromas of dried fruit, toffee and mocha. Warm and fine on the medium weight palate, it reveals an excellent structure and well-integrated tannins. Raisins, candied cherry, dried strawberries and orange peel flavours dance on the palate before a backdrop of caramelised pecans.

Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz. These traditional Duoro grape varieties grow at 600 metres above sea level in schist-sandstone (greywacke) interspersed with granite in some places. The rows of vines are traditionally planted across the slope in horizontal terraces. More recently, vines have been planted up the slope (called “vinha ao alto”, meaning vertically planted).

Hand-picking of the fruit at the optimum time, destemming, crushing and then conversion into wine through a process of careful maceration to extract colour, tannins and aromas, enhanced by constant churning during fermentation. This takes place in vats (lagares) at a controlled temperature between 28–30°C until the right degree of sweetness (baumé) is achieved. At this point, grape brandy is added to create the final fortified wine. Matures in oak barrels for at least 7 years before bottling.