Kolonne Null Riesling

Seduces in an irresistible way
  • $36.00


Riesling 2019

With its fruity lightness, noble herbal note and typical local minerality, the Riesling seduces in an irresistible way. A wonderfully fresh composition that unfolds light green nuances and treats you with its delicate bouquet of fine fruit.

About Kolonne Null

Bangs without the boom. Creating posh non-alcoholic* wines is their mission. Characterized by traditional craftsmanship, they have created a new taste experience with our innovative refinement idea.

Intense aromas with high complexity do not come by themselves. It is the interplay of time and dedication, great passion and their deep conviction that excellent non-alcoholic wines can only be made from top wines.

Through gentle dealcoholization, they remove the alcohol from the wines to a maximum residual alcohol content of 0.3% and thus preserve it's varietal characters. Every detail gets the attention it deserves: from the grape material, to the targeted expansion of the vines, to dealcoholization, refinement and bottling.