Kawaii Shiroi

Full & creamy, might also be better than an orgasm (when mixed right).
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Kawaii Shiroi Chardonnay

Kawaii Shiroi Chardonnay milk-based liqueur, Chardonnay of Kawaii “white series” with fruit juice feeling of exuberant. The flavours of this chardonnay gives an image of an innocent and adorable lady. The sweet taste and lovely bright notes satisfy you in the pure, far away hustles and bustles of the busy world. 

Winemakers love chardonnay because it is easy to grow. And since its flavors are not as distinctive as other varieties such as riesling or sauvignon blanc, chardonnay has a “blank canvas” aspect that allows winemakers to flex their technique and leave their own imprint on the wine. That is why chardonnay is a fantastic choice of grape used to make this milk-based liqueur.

This a perfect bottle for any dessert. Afterall the best desserts all contain a bit of milk and this lovely liqueur brings out the creamy, milky, luscious taste of the dessert - swiss roll, pasteries, ice cream, and more!

Mix this milk-based chardonnay with soda, white wine, champagne or milk with ice at any ratio. But our favourite tip of all? Pouring some cool Kawaii Shiroi Chardonnay on a frappe! Dayummm, this is how a real orgasm feels like. With Christmas right around the corner, here's another tip for you. Order the infamous Butter Beer Frap (a mix of caramel & toffee nut syrup, only available during this period of time) and add a shot of this milky goodness.

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