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Kawaii Shiroi

Full & creamy, might also be better than an orgasm (when mixed right).
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Kawaii Shiroi

Kawaii Shiroi is a milk-based liqueur from Japan. It's made from raw & sweetened condensed milk, fruits and uses various neutral spirits as their base.

The spirits are adjusted based on the fruit used. Delicate, marshmallow like sweetness & creamy, with a similar texture to yoghurt based drinks!


This a perfect bottle for any dessert. Afterall the best desserts all contain a bit of milk and this lovely liqueur brings out the creamy, milky, luscious taste of the dessert - swiss roll, pasteries, ice cream, and more!

Mix this milk-basedliquer with soda, white wine, champagne or milk with ice at any ratio. But our favourite tip of all? Pouring some cool Kawaii Shiroi on a frappe! Dayummm, this is how a real orgasm feels like.