Kabaj San Lurinz Pet Nat Hydra White 2020

Fun, raw and cool Pet-Nat vibes
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Primary Notes: Peach Pineapple Lemon

Secondary Notes:

Tertiary Notes:

Body: Light

Dryness: Dry

Acidity: High

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%): 13

Origin: Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Maker: Kabaj

Grape: Malvasia

Fermentation: Organic


Decanting: No

Serving Temperature: Best served between 8–10 degrees.

Asian Food Pairing: Gyoza, Moo shoo pork, Won ton soup, Pad Thai, Seafood Korma

Western Food Pairing: Gumbo, Chicken risotto, seafood paella


Kabaj San Lurinz Pet Nat Hydra White 2020

Kabaj San Lurinz Pet Nat Hydra White is a light and fresh sparkling wine. It's easy, irresistible and undoubtedly interesting. Pineapple and other tropical fruits fill the nose for fun vibes. The dry and light palate has subtle bubbles. Tastes of peaches and lemon. Raw and beautifully clean, there's nothing fancy here and that's why it's so charming. 

80% Malvasia and the rest Friulano and Pinot Blanc. The grapes come from Kabaj's 15 hectares of local vineyards in the Brda region. 

Manual harvesting of the fruit. No fining or filtering. Pet-Nat is produced in the ‘methode ancestral'. The wine is bottled prior to fully completing its first fermentation, allowing carbon dioxide to be produced by the natural sugars found in the grapes.