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Grounded Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc California 2020

California vacation in a glass, with all the sunshine and zesty goodness you need
Sauvignon Blanc
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BODY: Medium -
Medium +

Origin: California (Napa, Sonoma, Russian River Valley & More), United States of America

Grape Varietals:

Sauvignon Blanc







Grounded Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc California 2020 is a captivating and vibrant wine that brings the essence of California's terroir to your glass. With its lively character and expressive flavors, this Sauvignon Blanc is sure to take your taste buds on a delicious journey.

Grape Varietals & Region: Grounded Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc is crafted from carefully selected grapes sourced from renowned vineyards across California. The specific vineyards and grape varietals used may vary, but they are chosen to showcase the best characteristics of California's diverse terroir.

Taste Profile: Get ready for a burst of refreshing flavors in every sip. This Sauvignon Blanc entices with bright citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon zest, complemented by jasmine, green apple and Bosc pear. It offers a zesty acidity and a crisp, clean finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Winemaking Process: Harvested in the cold early morning hours, the fruit was rushed to the winery for immediate loading into the press. The fresh juice was fermented cold in jacketed stainless-steel tanks, allowing us to maintain the vibrancy and bright natural acidity of this classic Sauvignon Blanc. The result is a beautifully balanced Sauvignon Blanc that showcases the best of California's vineyards.

Grounded Wine Co. is led by a talented and passionate winemaker who is committed to crafting wines that reflect the unique qualities of California's vineyards. With a focus on sustainability and respect for the land, the winemaker combines traditional winemaking techniques with modern approaches to create wines that are both approachable and distinctive.

Grounded Wine Co. Sauvignon Blanc has received accolades and recognition for its exceptional quality and outstanding taste. These awards serve as a testament to the winery's dedication to producing wines that captivate wine enthusiasts.