Garage Wine Co. Bagual Vineyard Lot 96 Cinsault Garnacha Mataro 2018

A wine that's not sweet but seems to be
Cinsault, Grenache (Garnacha, Cannonau), and Mourvèdre (Monastrell, Mataro)
  • $78.00

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BODY: Medium +

DRYNESS: Neutral

ACIDITY: Medium +

TANNIN: Medium


ORIGIN: Central Valley Region (Maipo, Cachapoal Valley & More), Chile



  • Cinsault
  • Grenache (Garnacha, Cannonau)
  • Mourvèdre (Monastrell, Mataro)







Garage Wine Co. Bagual Vineyard Lot 96 Cinsault Garnacha Mataro 2018 is a captivating and distinctive red wine blend crafted with passion and precision by the talented winemakers at Garage Wine Co. This unique blend showcases the harmonious combination of Cinsault, Garnacha (Grenache), and Mataro (Mourvèdre) grapes, sourced from the revered Bagual Vineyard.

Grape Varietals & Region: This single vineyard wine combines Cinsault, Garnacha, and Mataro grapes, sourced from the renowned Bagual Vineyard in Chile's Maule Valley. Cinsault brings elegance and delicate red fruit notes, Garnacha adds richness and spiciness, while Mataro contributes depth and structure to the blend.

Taste Profile: Prepare to be enchanted by the complex and layered flavors of Garage Wine Co. Bagual Vineyard Lot 96. It presents a captivating medley of red and black fruits, such as cherry, raspberry, and blackberry, complemented by hints of spice, earth, and floral undertones. The wine exhibits a medium to full body, balanced acidity, and fine-grained tannins, culminating in a long and satisfying finish.

Winemaking Process: Garage Wine Co. follows a meticulous and hands-on approach to winemaking, focusing on sustainable practices and minimal intervention. The grapes are carefully hand-harvested, fermented using only native yeasts in open top fermenters with partial whole cluster, and aged in neutral oak barrels over 2 winters to allow the fruit to shine while enhancing complexity and texture. The result is a wine that showcases the unique character of the vineyard and the craftsmanship of the winemakers.

Garage Wine Co. is renowned for its commitment to small-batch, artisanal winemaking, emphasizing the distinctiveness of each vineyard site. Their hands-on approach and dedication to traditional methods have earned them a reputation for producing exceptional wines that reflect the terroir and capture the essence of Chile's Maule Valley.