Ferro 13 Vermouth di Torino ‘Old’

Made of friendship and memories
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NOTES: Raspberry Clove Lemon

BODY: Full

DRYNESS: Neutral

ACIDITY: Medium +


ALCOHOL (%): 17

ORIGIN: Piedmont (Moscato, Barolo, Barbaresco & More), Italy

MAKER: Ferro 13





ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Chinese Five Spice Chocolate Pots De Crème, Japanese rice burger

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Chocolate ganache, steak sandwich, antipasti


Ferro 13 Vermouth di Torino ‘Old’

Ferro 13 Vermouth di Torino ‘Old’ is an elegant and sophisticated vermouth. Amber in colour. Notes of small red fruits, citrus aromas and a subtle spiciness punctures the nose and palate.

If this wine were a book, it would be The Great Gatsby  by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Bling bling and golden American dreams...

If this wine were a song... Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus)

Fun Fact: The name 'Vermouth' derives from the French pronunciation of wormwood in German, which is ‘Wermut’. It was first used as a medicinal remedy.

Ferro13 uses two of its top range wines to produce OLD: Hashtag (a varietal Sauvignon Blanc from Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto widely appreciated for its acidity and minerality) and Gentleman (a Pinot Nero from the Pavesi Hills).

Harvesting and vinification of the grapes in the Burgundy style. Contact with yeasts for a long time before processing and bottling. Its primary herbal element is Artemisia Absinthium L., known as wormwood, a plant that grows abundantly in the area of Piedmont where Ferro 13 distills its vermouth.