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Ferdinand's Saar Quince

Alluring aroma and tasting of this quince gin.
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Ferdinand's Saar Quince

Ferdinand's Saar Quince is a fruity, and tarty quince, coming across almost Damonesque. If the goal was to create a sloe gin with something other than sloes, mission accomplished. In blind testing, you might mistake Ferdinand’s Saar Quince for a sloe gin. Jammy, with thick plum/ripe sour cherry notes, some prickly gin-like notes coming through. There’s a bit of juniper, albeit quite sedate. It has notes of ginger, herbs, slight bits of rose and bobs of vanilla. The good (or bad) news is that it doesn’t come across as an overwhelmingly fruity gin at first. A sprinkling of coriander in there as well, cassia/ginger spice notes towards the finish, with the sweetness and good balance from some lightly acidic. The wine notes also seem most concentrated on the finish, where stone fruit and tart quince linger, sweetly on the palate. 

Freshly harvested Muscat quinces, a rare Pear Quince strain, growing behind the distillery as well as an infusion of our Rausch Kabinett are the basis for our regional homage to the british Sloe Gin. Featuring 30 botanicals, Ferdinand Saar Gin is already something of a beast. It combines common botanicals (angelica, coriander, ginger), less common, but still regularly seen ones (lavender, rose) and then there’s those which are really unusual (sloe, rarely seen as a botanical, lemon thyme) – but wait! It’s then cut with Riesling wine (Germany, kind of known for that). And in the case of the Ferdinand’s Saar Quince, it’s a Sloe gin homage, using the local quince grown right at the distillery, with a touch of sweetening. It’s a lovely golden hue.

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