Felton Road Cornish Port Pinot Noir 2021

Dark, moody and sensual. Just like Tom Felton in Harry Potter
Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero)
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NOTES: Cherry Raspberry Clove Hibiscus Mushroom

BODY: Medium



TANNIN: Medium -


ORIGIN: Central Otago, New Zealand

MAKER: Felton Road


  • Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero)


AWARDS: >95 pts


ASIAN FOOD PAIRING: Peking duck, Pork and chives fried dumpling, Sio bak

WESTERN FOOD PAIRING: Grilled salmon or tuna, mushroom sauce, pork roast


Felton Road Cornish Port Pinot Noir

Dark, moody and sensual (just like Tom Felton in Harry Potter), this is one of the most desirable Pinot Noirs in the Felton Road collection.

The Felton Road Cornish Point Pinot Noir has a slightly reserved nose as a young wine, with hints of dark fruits, raspberry, roses and crushed herbs. The palate is dense with a core and mouthfeel filled with dark petals and fruits. It comes with a pleasant and subtle waft of char. The serious texture and harmony gives it an opulent yet refined, brooding and powerful rendition.

The Cornish Point vineyard is often the first Pinot Noir picked each harvest by the Felton Road team. At lower altitudes and in closer proximity to the lake, the fruit develops richness and density that sets it apart from the other Pinots from this producer. Cornish Point is a quiet, reserved premium Pinot Noir, one that takes time to unfurl. It's powerful and poised, everything you could want in a prestigious Pinot Noir from Central Otago.