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Clemens Busch Riesling Marienburg Rothenpfad Grosses Gewachs 2019

If you worship at the altar of great Riesling, you'll want to put your hands together for this insanely great Mosel release.
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Stone Fruit, Mineral, Floral, Citrus Fruit, and Tree Fruit,

BODY: Medium
Medium +
Pronounced (12-14%)

Origin: Mosel, Germany

Grape Varietals:


On Lees Ageing



Poke bowl, fruit salad

Salted fish fried rice, sweet and sour pork


Clemens Busch Riesling Marienburg Rothenpfad Grosses Gewachs 2019

Clemens Busch Riesling Marienburg Rothenpfad GG 2019 is a remarkable expression of German Riesling from the renowned Mosel region. Crafted by Clemens Busch, a respected winemaker known for his dedication to biodynamic farming and meticulous winemaking techniques, this wine showcases the unique terroir of the Rothenpfad vineyard.

Grape Varietals & Region: This wine is made exclusively from Riesling grapes grown in the Rothenpfad vineyard, located in the Marienburg region of the Mosel. The Mosel is celebrated for producing some of the world's finest Rieslings, and in the original area of ​​the Pündericher Marienburg, directly below the former Marienburg monastery, the gray slate dominates. The vineyards were replanted after land consolidation around 1988, they have now reached a good age, and the wines are becoming more and more structured and mineral. We only use healthy and very ripe grapes for our Großer Gewächse .

Taste Profile: Clemens Busch Riesling Marienburg Rothenpfad GG 2019 is a wine of exquisite finesse and complexity. It reveals intense aromas of ripe stone fruits, such as peach and apricot, along with delicate floral and mineral notes. On the palate, the wine displays a perfect balance between vibrant acidity and a rich, textural mouthfeel. The flavors of citrus, orchard fruits, and slate-driven minerality intertwine, leading to a long and precise finish.

Winemaking Process: Clemens Busch follows biodynamic principles in the vineyard, promoting the health and vitality of the vines. The grapes are hand-harvested at optimal ripeness and carefully sorted before undergoing gentle pressing. The wine is fermented with indigenous yeasts in large oak barrels, allowing for a slow and natural fermentation process. Aging on the lees further enhances the wine's complexity and texture.

Clemens Busch is a highly regarded winemaker in the Mosel region, known for his commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices. With a focus on expressing the unique characteristics of each vineyard site, Clemens Busch produces wines of exceptional purity and precision. His dedication to sustainable viticulture and traditional winemaking methods is reflected in the quality and authenticity of his wines.