Ciù Ciù Offida Pecorino "Merlettaie" Organic DOCG 2018

“Merlettaie” means lace, a homage to the lace workers of Offida.
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Notes: Apricot Lemon / Lime Acacia, Jasmine Slate Banana


Dryness: Very Dry

Acidity: Medium

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Le Marche, Italy



  • Pecorino

Fermentation: Organic, Vegan Heavy Wood



Asian Food Pairing: Steamed white fish with ginger, Viet spring roll, Carrot cake

Western Food Pairing: Pecorino cheese and walnut bread, chicken thighs with roasted red pepper and onion


Ciù Ciù - Offida Pecorino "Merlettaie" ORGANIC DOCG 2018

"I want nobody nobody but (ci)ù, I want nobody nobody but (ci)ù"

oh yeah we went there...

Deep straw with green highlights. This wine opens with an intense and persistent floral bouquet of hawthorn blossoms, vanilla and fresh cut grass. Aromas follow through to the round, delicately balanced and crisp palate. Hints of banana, apple and hazelnut flavours emerge like an afterthought. Light and fresh with intense flavours.

“Merlettaie” means lace. The name of this wine pays homage to the lace workers of Offida, who weave threads together with precise and quick finger movements. They are the last witnesses of a precious art of ancient origin, a similarity it shares with Pecorino grapes. Pecorino is a noble, austere, harsh and strong grape that has been confined to the bare and steep slopes of the Piceno Apennines for decades. A few wine growers have recently rediscovered this wine thanks to their love and enthusiasm.
Harvested by hand from vineyards in the towns of Offida and Acquaviva Picena, in Ascoli Piceno province at 280m above sea level. Pecorino is rare and precious, ethereal and persistent. Fermentation in “noble” wood enhances its personality and strength, a perfect example of the past combined with new oenological knowledge. The decanted must is fermented in medium-sized oak barrels and aged for approximately 6 months on lees. The wine is then refined for 3 months in bottle prior to release.

Ciù Ciù takes pecorino as serious as any and here is the gateway drug into both the grape variety, what it is and oh what it can be in the Marche. The levels of feeling permeate the structure, integrate and satiate thirst, but varietal hunger too. The fruit source is clearly high quality and the handling just right. Lovely wine. Top notch pecorino. Should get into some lemon, honey and beeswax before too long. Drink 2020-2025. Tasted March 2020.