Ciù Ciù Lacrima di Morro D'Alba DOC 2020

Lacrima lingers on the nose...
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Primary Notes: Blueberries, Blackberries, Black Cherry Strawberry Floral, Violets, Rose

Secondary Notes:

Tertiary Notes:

Body: Medium

Dryness: Neutral


Tannin: Medium

Alcohol (%):

Origin: Marche, Italy

Maker: Ciù Ciù

Grape: Lacrima

Fermentation: Organic Steel Only



Serving Temperature: Best enjoyed at 16-18 Degrees

Asian Food Pairing: Roasted duck, claypot chicken rice, fried bee hoon

Western Food Pairing: Cold cuts platter, Traditional pasta dishes


Ciù Ciù Lacrima di Morro D'Alba D.O.C

"I want nobody nobody but (ci)ù, I want nobody nobody but (ci)ù"

oh yeah we went there...
Yes it's pronounces (choo-choo). As the names suggest, Ciù Ciù Lacrima di Morro D'Alba D.O.C made of 100% Lacrima di Morro d'Alba grapes. Produced with modern wine technologies it gives origin to a purple red wine with violet shades. Our lasting impression of Lacrima is the lingering note on our nose. Give it a couple of swishes and inhale beautiful notes of rose buds -Even hints of blackberry and earl grey tea). Slight leathery finish. Intense and red berry fruity wine with a persistent finish. This bottle is good on its own, or paired with a light pasta. Our idea of a perfect weekend: A bottle of Lacrima with a book in hand and a scone on the side. We are proud to be carrying this bottle. We've been the star of every diner party with this baby.

The Lacrima grape is rare, grown only in the Morro d'Alba region of the Marche. The Eastern most region of Central Italy between the Apennine Mountains and Adriactic sea. Lacrima means "the teardrop" in Italian. The grape gets its name either from its tear shape Or how its juice falls like tears when squeezed. Grapes were produced in the town of Morro d'Alba 250m above sea level. Clay-ey soil, medium mixture. Harvested in the first 10 days of October. Produced and further aged for 6 months, both in stainless steel vats. Organic • Vegan  [Cork closure]