Chizay Chersegi 2021

Sipping a cup of tea or two
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Notes: Apple, Pear Apricot Pineapple Lavender, Earl Grey

Body: Medium -

Dryness: Neutral

Acidity: Medium -

Tannin: Light

Alcohol (%): 12.5

Origin: Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine

Maker: Chateau Chizay


  • Chersegi




Asian Food Pairing: pineapple rice, grilled thai fish

Western Food Pairing: grilled seafood, paella, fried calamari


This wine is created from autochthonous Chersegi Fuszeres grape, which grows in Ukraine at Chateau Chizay vineyards only. Its rich bouquet is full of aromas of flowers and summer fruits. The taste of the wine is bright, fruity and spicy, with delicate bitterness, apricot tones and refreshing acidity.

White wine is usually about fragility. Often – about freshness and floral mood. Sometimes – about a special character. And it’s all about Chersegi. Unique Ukrainian wine from Chateau Chizay. Only Chateau Chizay produces wine of this variety in Ukraine.

One of the company’s favorite varieties is more than half a century old. It is a guest from Hungary. In 1960, a breeder Caro Baconi bred new grapes by crossing the noble Traminer Pink and Irshai Oliver. The full name of the new variety is Cserszegi fűszeres (Hungarian: Cserszegi fűszeres).

According to the founder of Chateau Chizai Gennadiy Gutman, Chersegi is in line with the company’s philosophy: to make wine is not of just exceptional quality, but special, the one that has its own character. And this variety, native to the Carpathian macro terroir, worthily represents the winery in Ukraine and abroad.